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Literary Looking Glass

Original poetry, essays, fiction, and literary experiments - edited by T.S. Minton.

Showcase Poet: Sita Rose

"The Country Where My Heart is Buried in Bones"

My breasts are palm-sized hemispheres,
relief maps of the mountains of my heart,
with faint green rivers where travel the run-offs of love,
and flowers that overwhelm the summits,
blooming and fading in seasons of lust.

This is the center of my heart,
the sternum's grief point, this valley.
This is the place on the map of me
where I was held down with a knee, with the heel
of a hand by my professor, 
my boyfriends, my boyfriend, my brother,
my mountains trampled by bootsoles like weeds.

I have to tell you this about the country
where my heart is planted in bones.
I have to tell you
I can't bear more weight here
where I'm buried in my body
with what happened.

(C) 1999 Sita Rose, used with permission.

Sita Rose is winner of the "Ninth Annual Sue Saniel Elkind $1,000 Poetry Contest" (2001). She graduated with a B.A. degree in Philosophy from Cornell University, studied creative writing at Harvard University, and attended Boston University with Interfusion Press publisher T.S. Minton. They were neighbors on the "Writer's Floor" in Shelton Hall, known for "The Ghost of Eugene O'Neill" ('twas the floor where the celebrated playwright passed away in 1953). At B.U. she was one of the original and most distinguished contributors to the Hieroglyph Gumbo publication of Minton and Daniel Calabrese.

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    Photograph (C) 1975 Ivan Wilson.
    Interfusion publisher T.S. Minton circa 1975 (age 6) at Ivan Wilson's Akasha Center of Light near Cascabel Clayworks Commune, Cascabel, Arizona. See "Cascabel Meditation: Sunrise" (" of the most remarkable bodies of work I have ever encountered." Prof. Barbara Jackson, Harvard University Department of English, circa 1990.)