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Home of acclaimed artist, writer & publisher T.S. "Steve" Minton.


"Eyes of the Future"

Sculpture (C) 2005 by T.S. Minton. Copper wire, sculptamold and acrylic paint on wood.


This is my first stab at sculpture: an abstract depiction of a happy couple celebrating the occasion of their new baby. Although I was inspired by several sources -- the rapturous news of the birth of my niece Margot; the work of Connecticut stone sculptor Karl Saliter (a high school chum), always reaching, reaching; and the indelible work of steel sculptor Tyler Fenn (a grade school acquaintance), which I serendipitously stumbled upon while online -- I feel that this piece achieves a universal resonance, and that I truly hit on my own expressionistic voice.
Beginner's luck? Somewhat, although I see it more as the harvest of a lifetime's artistic effort, onto a medium which is perhaps the most satisfying this side of music.
Some have asked "what's up?" with the little curlicue on top of the baby's head. First, I had in mind the "personality" cowlick of Alfalfa from The Little Rascals and Our Gang fame. Secondly, I see it as a kind psychic radio antennae or tuning fork, a symbol of a new generation of "Indigo Children" whose accelerated intelligence and spiritual abilities will help transform the world in the years to come.



(C) 2005 T.S. Minton. All rights reserved. May not be reproduced in any form without the written permission of the artist.


"(Electric) Eyes of The Future" (done with Photoshop). (C) 2006 T.S. Minton.