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Home of acclaimed artist, writer & publisher T.S. "Steve" Minton.


Jazzy's Kidz Korner

All about Jasmine, original artwork & photography, links to cool toys and music, kid's stuff and much more!

"Jazzy, Molly & Steve" (C) 2003 John I. Henry.

Click here for pictures of my 11th birthday party!

This is my little bro.
He is a cutie!

Jasmine's favorite games online: Virtual Magic Kingdom and!


"Faerie" (C) 2004 Jasmine A. Ennis.

More artwork coming soon!!

All about Jasmine, and her favorite photos: coming soon!


"Vampire Cat" (C) 2005 John I. Henry.

Jazzy's favorite website links:

  • Avril Jazzy's favorite singer!

  • Michelle

  • Beyonce

  • 93.7 FM


  • PBS

  • Bratz

  • Free cartoon of the day!

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