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Dedication/"Online S.O.S."
This inaugural "edition" of Interfusion Magazine Online is dedicated to Daniel Calabrese, whose unflagging commitment kept this publishing house alive in its darkest hour (circa 1990 at Boston University, when we were known as Eleusinian Press). Dan lends truth to that cliche of the Modern-day Renaissance Man: co-founder of Hieroglyph Gumbo magazine; independent filmmaker with a B.S. degree from B.U.'s College of Communication; cartoonist; published poet; polemical essayist and contentious social commentator; Faulknerian scholar; master skateboarder and music maven; and perhaps other permutations of his fecund talent, unbeknownst to us, have emerged over the years.

Over time we unfortunately have lost touch with this human dynamo of creativity. Therefore we hereby issue an "Online S.O.S." to track him down. Last known he was a life-long resident of Miami, Florida; working as a technician for BellSouth; married to Claudia Tapia; and his parents are John and Natalina Calabrese. If anyone reading this has contact information, please e-mail Interfusion Press editor and publisher T.S. Minton at or call me at (520) 401-2194. Here at Interfusion, the doors are always open to Mr. Calabrese, nay he is one of the foundation stones upon which this company has been built. We look forward to publishing more of his creations in the future.