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Part IV: Case Studies: How I Sold $100,000 in One Weekend and $600,000 in Three Weeks
- Mark Joyner

I've released many products and services over the years...

Some were incredibly successful, some were failures.

Some I am proud of, and some I wish I could erase from memory.

The nice thing is, after so many successes and failures, I've been able to see a clear formula for product launch success.

First, here are the two case studies:

A. Confidential Internet Intelligence Manuscript

On the first weekend of it's launch we sold over $100,000 worth of this product.

B. The Mark Joyner Farewell Package

Within 3 weeks of it's launch we sold over $600,000 worth of this product. How did we do it? It comes down to a simple 4-step formula:

1. Start With a Great Product with Outrageous Value

The "Confidential Internet Intelligence Manuscript" represented well over $200,000 in marketing research we had conducted at Aesop over the years. Included were easy-to-implement marketing tricks that have increased our response time and time again.

When you start with a value like that for such a low price, it's not hard to write copy that makes the value clear.

If someone presents you with an offer that truly represents an incredible deal, of course you take them up on it.

This is the core of any great business success: massive value for the price. It doesn't feel like doing business anymore - it feels like stumbling across a priceless antique in a dime-store where the shop owner doesn't understand the true value. It's no longer a question of "will I buy" but "man, I hope they don't change this deal before I can take advantage of it."

The "Mark Joyner Farewell Package" was an even more outrageous value. It's hard to put a price on almost 10 years of blood, sweat, and tears, but that's what it represented. The one hard cost we could quote was the over one million dollars it cost us to develop the source code included in the package.

Using that as a metric, people were paying 10 cents on every one hundred dollars of value.

But that was only a small part of the package. It also included 20 hours of audio interviews with me and some of the greatest minds on the net, resale rights for many products (including "Confidential" mentioned above), technology I've used to blow up my lists, automate my customer service, build and mobilize my affiliate armies - and more.

As if all that wasn't enough, the actual value was even greater ...

2. Over-Deliver Then OVER-Deliver Some More

The actual value of the package was much much more than that. There are things I included in there that I deliberately didn't even mention in the salesletter - some of them are valuable in the extreme.


Why would I do this? I already had the sale. Why would I give up more value after the deal had already been closed?

Here's why ...

3. Get Them to Be Your Evangelists - Then Reward Them Ridiculously Well for It

The result of over-delivering in both cases was:

a. Page after page of sincerely glowing testimonials.

b. Incredibly happy customers (almost non-existent refunds for both products).

c. Hordes of people voluntarily spreading the good word about these products.

A lot of people stop right there. They figure if people are spreading the word and they are happy the sales will roll in.

They are partly right, but you can do even better. Why not pay them for spreading the word as well?

Now, you may be asking, "They are already spreading the word - why pay them? Isn't that unnecessary?"

Here's why:

If people love your product they will tell a few friends about it.

If people know they will get paid they will also tell a few friends about it.

If people know they will get paid for telling people about a product they truly believe in and love, they will shout about it from the roof-tops.

For "Farewell" for example, we set it up so anyone who sold it would be paid $500 per unit sold. That along with a love of the products made for some aggressive selling - and no one felt any shame in it because it truly is an outrageous value. There is nothing wrong with telling your friends, family, and customers about something that will help them.

Indeed, it's your duty.

4. Create Irresistible Offers

On the weekend that we launched "Confidential" we sold it at a special price for a limited time with heaps of additional bonuses.

Many of the affiliates evangelizing the "Farewell Package" put together similar deals for folks who purchased through their affiliate links. The results were amazing.

An irresistible offer stacked on top of an outrageous value will truly make things sell like crazy.

Here are some things you can do to create irresistible offers:

a. Time Limits and Other Urgency Cues 

To create a sense of urgency, make it so the offer is only valid for a short period of time. 

This will inspire people to act right away. It doesn't have to be a time limit - it can also be a volume limit. For example, the "Farewell Package" is limited to 2,000 total sales. That creates a great sense of urgency since people fear they will miss out on a great deal (and they truly will). 

b. Added Incentives of Great Value 

Offer people additional bonuses on top of the great value at the core of your offer and they will love you even more. You should avoid the mistake of stacking on worthless bonuses, though. Many people include stuff that's of no real value and it will actually hurt your offer. 

Rule of thumb: if you can't sell it, you can't give it away either. 

c. Uniqueness and Exclusivity 

Every part of your offer should represent something that can't be found anywhere else. If people know that you're the only source for what you're offering, it immediately eliminates the need to shop around. This works for all types of offers. For example, when Mike Chen created FlyInAds he modelled it after the ExitBlaze code he got in the Farewell Package, but he modified it in such a way that it delivered an ad format that was not offered anywhere else on the net. The result? He got 4,000,000 hits in 5 days. Follow this formula and your sales will skyrocket.



Mark Joyner is one of the early pioneers of Internet Marketing and the #1 best-selling author of many books including "The Irresistible Offer," "," and many others.  His latest project is a free 18 day course called "Simpleology: The Simple Science of Getting What You Want."


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