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Home of acclaimed artist, writer & publisher T.S. "Steve" Minton.


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Home of acclaimed artist, writer & publisher T.S. Minton.

"There is no end. There is no beginning. There is only the infinite passion of life."
- Federico Fellini

A mesmerizing collection of imagery described as "a visual tour de force"..."the next step...beyond surrealism and psychedelia..."
"Rarely are we graced by such a savant, one erudite in the many disciplines of art." - photographer John I. Henry...


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(Take a sneak peak: different perspectives on T.S. Minton's new sculpture "Eyes of the Future." )

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Original art by T.S. Minton...

"I really see this piece going places." - Carlos Hadaway, western artist,
"A very talented artist with depth and vision..." Kyle Dayton, co-host, The Cutting Edge TV show (Access Tucson).

Detail from "Chaosmos: DNA Must Prevail" (C) 2006 T.S. Minton. Previously displayed, Solar Culture.

And friends...


"Spring Runoff" (C) Carlos Hadaway,

Who is the fearless South African artist who dared the watery depths to communicate with the Ambantu Bom Lambu (the Underwater Spirits) and returned alive (after doing the world's first painting done almost entirely underwater)?


Read about this daring and comical journey (the subject of a documentary by the BBC of London) at


"Collective impulse" (C) Karl Saliter,


"Friend at the feeder." (C) Charla Gene,

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(C) Karl Saliter.



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"Doin' it for the peeps since 1998."

"Imagine a world where the basic human needs are met for all and one would not have to live with the constant threat of impending starvation or disease.  Note that I am not proposing an equal distribution of wealth, but technological automation that guarantees these rights to all regardless of their social position."
Mark Joyner, Unifying Social Dynamics, Mark Joyner Construct Zero (version 1.0)