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Quick Close Cash Flow Services

Get CASH NOW...for houses, notes, home loans or your business.

We'll Pay You Cash Now:
- Behind on payments? We take over payments, save you from foreclosures and save your credit.
- Need to sell quickly?
- Unwanted house?
- Bad tenants?
- Facing divorce? 
- Probate or estate settlement?
- Deferred maintenance?
- Relocation or job transfer?
- Need cash NOW for any reason?
We buy houses, ALL CASH - fast! Any condition. No commissions or fees, no obligation (not a broker).
Access to the largest network of buyers in Tucson, which means for you: Quick closings, up to 72 hours, all costs paid! Call Steve now at (520)358-4265 or fill out *this form* for a free evaluation and convert your liability into an asset now!
Easy...Fast...Secure! Fast cash advances on inheritances.
- Cash in as little as 72 hours.  
- No monthly payments
- No cost to apply
- No credit, no problem
- Fast, easy, secure
If you are an heir to a probate estate and you are looking for a loan or cash advance, we can help. Inheritance Funding Company can provide a cash advance of $5,000 to $100,000, usually withing 5 - 7 business days of receiving your completed application.
Inheritance Funding Company provides fast cash advances to heirs of probate estates – regardless of their credit status, employment or income history. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service, going above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that you receive the money you need as quickly as possible.
As America's number one provider of cash advances to heirs and beneficiaries, Inheritance Funding Company offers competitive pricing and extremely fast and courteous service. Call us at ((1.800.944.2072)) today!
* mail signed broker agreement
(Inheritance Funding Company)

* * For Quick Closes on HOME LOANS in the Tucson, Arizona area:
Contact Francine Martineau at 
(see marketing meetups)

If you have sold property and taken back a mortgage or deed of trust and are now collecting payments from the buyer, Colonial Funding Group is your source for immediate cash. Deal directly with one of the largest note buyers in North America and receive top dollar for your note. When you sold your home or investment property, you decided to carry back a note for the new buyer. However, circumstances change, and many noteholders would prefer cash today for their future payments. There are a variety of reasons people consider selling their payments for cash:
Investment opportunities
Expensive medical care
Vacation or college tuition
Unexpected financial changes
Peace of mind...being free from the worry of receiving late payments or having to foreclose on the buyer
Accounting nightmares, IRS regulations, and paperwork hassles
and the list goes on...
Contact us via phone at ((520-358-4265)) or fill out our *online form* for a quick, confidential quote and see just how much your note is worth today!
Selling your note begins with your request for a price quote from Wall Street Brokers, Inc. When you call for a price quote, you should have certain information ready:
What kind of property is it (house, vacant land, business, etc.)?
In what city and state is the property located?
How much did you sell the property for?
When did you sell the property?
How much was the down payment?
Is your note a first lien or a second lien? If your note is a second lien, approximately how much is owed to the first lien holder?
How much does your payor owe you now?
What is the monthly payment?
What is the interest rate?
Is there a large payment at some future date (a "balloon" payment)? If so, when is it due?
If your note has a special situation, what is it?
AllwaysFunding can provide needed cash for your Structured Settlements, Annuity, Lottery, Mortgage payments and other long term income.
Your Structured Settlements converted to one cash payment for your use today. Call (520)358-4265.

* * For Business Loans:
Business Financial Services
Merchant Account Cash Advance
We can provide your business with a cash advance against its merchant account of up to $175,000 per location. An alternative to a small business loan, these funds against future Visa and Mastercard sales are typically available within 7 days or less. AmeriMerchant is one of the largest providers of merchant account financing in the country. To qualify for an advance against your merchant account, you only need to be processing credit cards for 60 days to receive a business cash advance against your future Visa and Mastercard credit card processing receipts.
Note: AmeriMerchant offers a business cash advance and not a loan product
- Get up to $175,000 per location.
- 90% approval rate
- Typically receive funds in 7 days or less.
- No application fees
- No fixed payments.
- Approval as fast as 24 hours
Business Financial Services
Business Financial Services has provided thousands of small business owners with working capital since 2000. All retail, service and restaurant owners find themselves needing capital to grow and manage their businesses. At times, these businesses are unlikely to obtain a commercial loan from financial resources because of unacceptable debt to income ratios or low personal or business credit scores.
This is when BFS steps in. We use the "real-time assets", the customers of the merchant to provide funding. A healthy business can rely on the fact that their customers will continue to spend money at their establishments. BFS provides an advance on those sales.
A business owner can qualify for a Business Cash Advance of up to $300,000.
Unlike a small business loan a Business Cash Advance has no upfront fees, closing costs or loss of equity.
Businesses can use the funds for:
• Advertising • Inventory
• Expansion • Renovations
• Equipment • Taxes
• Working Capital  • Emergencies
Need a quick $10K today?
Founded in 1942, Security Financial Services (SFS) is a privately owned commercial finance company headquartered in San Francisco, California. SFS specializes in
purchasing seller-financed business notes. Our staff has amassed considerable experience with business notes and is more than happy to answer questions from note owners.
What are business notes? Business sellers use notes to finance the sale of a business themselves. For example, an owner sells his $225,000 business for $78,000 down and a $147,000 note; the $147,000 note is called a business note. To learn more, go to our About Business Notes page.
Why is SFS a leading funding source for business notes? There are a host of reasons to sell a business note to Security Financial. For one, our ample purchasing power has allowed us to build the largest business note portfolio in the country. Find out about all the other advantages of working with us...

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