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"Only a degree or two removed..."


"Machine For Determining If You Are Free"
Stone Sculpture, World Peace Festival.  
(C) 2003 Karl Saliter

In an art world based increasingly on pretension and an emphasis on 'concept' over craftsmanship, these remarkable stone scultures make a singular impression: visionary in scope while literally wraught from the earth; audacious in design yet sturdy in execution; and capturing an artistic spirit always reaching, reaching. - ed.

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Steven Eye, Solar Culture,
Carlos Hadaway,
Karl Saliter,
Neil Bernstein “Induced by the tempests of innovation, my studios breed a mythological vessel and alter-world for the interpretation of historically significant events. Catalytic cyclones, the works mix classic car parts, carnival implements, vintage motorcycle… with archeological and sacred materials (World Trade Center debris, egyptian pyramid dust, carnage remnants…)”.
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Ted Loman - Intrepid producer and sardonic, witty host of the pioneering Tucson community cable TV programs which delved into all aspects of UFOs and the paranormal: UFOAZ (1991- 1998) and Off the Record (1998 - 2002). Go here for some old biographical info, and here for the online archives of his old shows. Through Ted I was able to meet most of the major figures in this mind-boggling, slippery-as-an-eel field. I always appreciated how he put the dumb-founded skeptics in their place, and also when he layed a little much needed devil's advocate agnosticism on the dippier proponents of this controversial field. Happy "semi-retirement", Ted! 

"Earth mom" (C) Peggy Kane

Peggy Kane - Ted's co-host for many years (actually, often tri-host, considering the presence of painter Jim Nichols, who would always weigh in with penetrating commentary), Peggy is a gifted and visionary artist, and continues the noble Loman tradition as the intelligent co-host of Jim Rodger's Cutting Edge UFO and paranormal TV show.


The wise-crackin' comedy of Taxi Trix is one of the incarnations of Karl Saliter, an old chum of mine from Housatonic Valley Regional High School in Falls Village, Connecticut. For over 20 years Karl has been renowned as a master juggler and street performer on Grateful Dead tours, across the nation and around the world, from Japan to Europe and points in between. He's worked as a corporate motivational speaker (although post-911, he became disillusioned with the ra-ra pretensions of this schtick), and presently he focuses his protean talents on an astonishingly original series of stone and steel sculptures, one of which sits at The Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. (See Karl 


Carlos Hadaway is widely known as "The Arizona Kid" -a spectacular southwestern oil painter whose work is marked by both gritty realism and magestic splendor; a bit actor in many western movies; and he has also been honored as the Grand Marshal of rodeos in Prescott and Flagstaff. He has won the top award at the George Phippen Western Art Show in Prescott; been featured in countless media stories, from TV to newspapers to magazines; and one of his paintings was presented by its owner, retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, to the Arizona State Capitol, where it hangs today. To me, though, Carlos has always been mainly a great friend and valued mentor, a high-flying folklorist known to a few as "The Space Cowboy" --  a true character and confidante!