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Home of acclaimed artist, writer & publisher T.S. "Steve" Minton.


Interfusion Magazine Online:

Art * Photography * Sculpture * Comics * Literature

Stone sculpturs (c) Karl Saliter,


"Machine for Determining If You Are Free." Stone Sculpture (C) 2003 Karl Saliter, World Peace Festival. E-mail:

"Friend at the Feeder" (C) 2005 by Charla Gene.

Interfusion Art Gallery
Original visual art, comics & photography.

Literary Looking Glass 

Original poetry, fiction, essays & literary experiments.

Talking Back to the Trees poetry anthology by T.S. Minton

Part 1: "Cascabel Meditation: Sunrise" ("One of the most remarkable bodies of work I have ever encountered." - Prof. Barbara Jackson, Harvard University) and "Transmetamorphosis: Messages From the Emerald Host" ("A gifted lyrical poet." - Prof. Jon Klimo, The Rosebridge Institute.)

Part 2: Selected Poetry.

Showcase Poet: Sita Rose, winner of the $1000 Sue Saniel Elkind Poetry Contest.

Edited by T.S. Minton,
  • Formerly Eleusinian/TSM/Interfusion Visions, winner of the coveted Ernest Slyman Award for "Best Webzine" (1998): "Terrific pages. Great design. Great contribution to the World Wide Web." - Ernest Slyman, poet and editor, The Poet's Watch.

    BONUS: Free Online Film Archives

  • Night of the Living Dead
  • Reefer Madness
  • Over two dozen more free movies, courtesy of Tucson's (where I interned in the early 90s, with editor, publisher, & U of A instructor Bob Zucker. -ed.)

    Note: All movies are in the public domain.

  • Zine Archives:

    The digitized versions of Hieroglyph Gumbo#1, 2 & Whoof Session #1 - Coming Soon!

    Recommended resource:

    Ornithopter Quarterly and Annual arts magazine (Publisher Chiara Caballero was first published in Whoof Session #1, 1995. -ed.)

    And a  word about submissions:

    At the present time, the policy of Interfusion Magazine Online is that publication on this site is by invitation only. While this may seem snobbish to some aspirants, we have found that adherence to this principle is the only way to ensure our material is not merely good but always "world class" and always "blows the mind." We will live and die by Henry Miller's dictum that "Honest criticism means nothing: what one wants is unrestrained passion, fire for fire." Creators with the burning desire or cosmic intention (even unconscious intention) to grace these pages will bypass these strictures and, by dint of sheer manifest excellence, bring themselves to the attention of the editor. It is  "in rerum natura": "in the nature of things." -ed.