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Home of acclaimed artist, writer & publisher T.S. "Steve" Minton.


Who is this man of mystery...T.S. Minton?

Here's what some notables have remarked over the years...

                               IN GENERAL...
"You're gonna gain as name for yourself as a writer and artist."
- Jack Kirby, comic book pioneer (circa 1993).

"Rarely are we graced by such a savant, one erudite in the many disciplines of art...Steve is a virtual literary lion with his myriad published poems, sonnets, and treatises."
- John I. Henry, international photographer.

                             AS A WRITER...
"A gifted lyric poet."
- Dr. Jon Klimo, Rosebridge Graduate School of Integrative Psychology, Concord, Ca.

"Talented, intelligent, and able writer. What struck me at the time was his wide intellectual range and his ability to gather and to synthesize information from diverse areas."
- Prof. Tom Goldpaugh, PhD., English Department, Marist College, Poughkeepsie, New York

"From your controlled intellectual tone, I assumed I was speaking to a renegade former academic."
- Kenneth Smith, PhD., former professor of philosophy, artist/writer of the Phantasmagoria series of fantasy publications, columnist for The Comics Journal.

                             AS AN ARTIST...
"I really see this piece* going places."
 - Carlos Hadaway
, western artist and cowboy folklorist,
(*"Chaosmos: DNA Must Prevail," shown at Tucson's Solar Culture Gallery, spring 2006, see

                  AS A WEBSITE PUBLISHER...
"A mind-tripping eye-feast and joyfest.*"
- Karl Saliter
, stone sculptor, juggler, and motivational speaker, (*Taken utterly out of contect regarding

"Terrific pages. Great design. Great contribution to the World Wide Web."
- Ernest Slyman, poet and editor, The Poet's Watch, on Eleusinian/TSM/Interfusion Visions, winner of the coveted Ernest Slyman Award for "Best Webzine" (1998).


Thodal Soule (Steven) Minton is the founder and publisher of Interfusion Press (formerly Eleusinian Press), and an artist and writer whose work has received much acclaim. 

His work has spanned across many mediums and genres...

Print publishing...

He started the irreverent, iconoclastic arts/literature "zines" Hieroglyph Gumbo (1991 - 1993, while at Boston University) and Whoof Session (1995), which featured the work of superb poets, fiction writers, visual artists, and photographers from across the United States, including Daniel Calabrese, Sita Rose, Chiara Caballero, and Nico Vosloo.

Visual Art...

A sort of childhood prodigy at comics and cartooning, he also has developed works, over the course of four decades,  in styles ranging from surrealism/abstraction and psychedelia to figure drawing and realistic oil painting. He recently has launched bold experiments in abstract sculpture and visionary futurism, as displayed at Tucson's Solar Culture gallery. Soon these pieces will be showcased in the book "Neo-Humans on Regenerative Earth."

Paranormal research...

Steve devoted over a decade, starting in the mid-90s, on feverish study into UFOs and unknown mysteries. He was a guest host and 4 year "guerilla research partner" of Ted Loman's Off the Record, the legendary paranormal investigative and interview program on community cable access TV.

He holds a degree Magna Cum Laude With Distinction in English from The College of Arts and Sciences at Boston University.  His incantatory, sublimely inspired poem Cascabel Meditation: Sunrise has been a underground classic, hailed by former Harvard University English professor Barbara Jackson as "one of the most remarkable bodies of work I have ever encountered."

Hid forays into internet publishing have been recognized by poet Ernest Slyman, and many  others followers of his fecund creativity ...

slymanbest.jpg He lives in Tucson, Arizona with his daughter Jasmine, and a cat or two (or three).


Yours truly with father David L. Minton in the Tucson-area desert, circa 1976.

It's a happy day here at Interfusion Press...
...because my niece Margot Minton just got born! (June 5, 2005)

"On the day that you were born / The angels got together / And decided to create a dream come true." - Burt Bacharach & Hal David, "(They Long To Be) Close To You."